Having Tim on your team, is like having a whole new department.


With decades of experience in multiple verticals, an emphasis on marketing and brand awareness, Tim has attained “Marketing Guru” status.


With over 20 Million dollars of revenue generated for clients as a result of his salesmanship, Tim is the obvious choice.


Complex negotiations require experience, patience and nerves of steel. All of these qualities are included when you have Tim negotiating your most important deals.


“Who you know” is nearly as important as what you know. From A list celebrities, to mainstream CEO’s, Tim has a direct line to the most influential people in business today.

About Tim

A life of Marketing and Promotion

I am an avid surfer. Early in the morning, while you are still sleeping, chances are, I am out in the water before work. Surfing, like business (and life) can be exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. It’s full of successes and failures, rides and wipeouts. But in the end there’s a deep part of our being that instinctually drives us towards what brings us joy, happiness and the feeling of accomplishment.

My objectives in business (and in life) are the same; to succeed and make sure those around me benefit just as much, if not more from my success. I always hit the mark with these objectives.

I have 16 years of online marketing experience and 23 years of over all marketing and promotion. When I was 19, I was the youngest sales manager at AT&T. I ran a telemarketing room with 60+ employees reporting to me and I set sales records monthly. In my early adult career, I dealt mostly with Artist management, cultivating the brand value of my clients both on the road and in the office. In the early days of the internet, I saw the potential for an untapped market and endless promotional resources. I exploited this new medium, marketing everything from tangibles to lead generation.

Currently, I enjoy building unique and creative campaigns, getting eyes on my clients products and services, generating enormous amounts of capital.


Los Angeles, California